Ever feel like you’re out in the marketing wilderness?

Like you're full of ideas, but don't have a team around you to bounce them off? Like the world of marketing is moving so fast it's hard to keep up? Like you're nailing some bits of your job but totally blagging others?

Then come join our monthly marketing adventures. Chock-full of practical content, blissfully free of wanky business speak, and fuelled by free booze (or soft stuff if you prefer), this group marketing therapy will relight your creative fire.

You can share ideas, gripes, and experiences with other local marketers just like you – plus learn practical and relevant stuff that will make your job feel less overwhelming and help your marketing efforts actually pay off.

Our upcoming meetups

Thursday 28 Sept 2023 @ 6pm: How to run a successful campaign

Find out how to plan, run, and measure effective marketing campaigns, with Elizabeth McCarthy from the University of Oxford.

Thursday 19 Oct 2023 @ 6pm: How to create a marketing funnel

Learn how to choose the right channels and tactics to bring your audience on a journey from knowing about you to buying from you, with Laura Devonford from Webmart.

Thursday 16 Nov 2023 @ 6pm: Getting started with PPC ads

Everything you need to launch your first Pay Per Click campaign, with Michael Kenny from Digital Gearbox.

Thursday 14 Dec 2023 @ 6pm:   TBC

Eeek. Our speaker dropped out. New topic coming soon…

Thursday 25 Jan 2024 @ 6pm: How to build a brand

Learn what it takes to create and launch a brand from scratch, with Catherine Warrilow from Days Out.

Thursday 22 Feb 2024 @ 6pm: Blogging for business

Find out how to write - and get eyes on - seriously engaging and relevant blogs for your brand, with Jacqui Thorndyke from Bitten Digital.

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